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Dating a Douchebag - An Evening With Roomie – theShugrHeds – tsh017

There was a particular character in this book that really changed his ways. I love what Ney did with him and no one was more surprised than me that I ended up loving him! The Coaching Hours is funny, sweet, sexy, and emotional. Sara Ney is one funny lady.

Seriously, even the chapter headings at the start of each new chapter had me laughing out loud. I adored this book and I adore this series! View all 24 comments. How to Date a Douchebag is over. It was so fun to read this series, get to know protagonists I had no idea I'd adore, and a sport I never knew I'd enjoy reading about.

This whole series was a pleasant surprise, and it's a bittersweet feeling to let it go.

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While there are no douchebags in the final installment—at least, not where it matters the most— The Coaching Hours gave as much as the other books and was a great end to the series. This sweet friends-to-lovers romance had everythin I'm so sad. This sweet friends-to-lovers romance had everything I want in a New Adult romance —realistic characters still trying to figure out how to adult, learning from mistakes, and becoming better people because of it, great pace and banter, and chemistry that will leave me swooning and giggling.

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As the wrestling coach's only daughter, transfer student Anabelle Donnelly is officially off-limits to the team. But Coach Donnelly's threat to stay away from his daughter or risk consequences only serves to challenge two incredibly stupid and careless members. This ends up with Anabelle in tears, taking refuge in the library spot she's claimed since moving. Some girl, pretty as she is, took Elliot St. Charles's spot at the library, and now he's stuck settling for an inferior spot.

When he discovers the same girl crying, he can't help but go to her and ask what's wrong. And that's how Elliot and Anabelle become more than passing acquaintances. And when Anabelle finds out Elliot has a spare room, they might just become roommates, too.

Douche bag lyrics

According to Elliot's friends, girls and boys can't stay just friends, especially if they're both relatively attractive and are going to live under one roof. Elliot wants to prove them wrong, but resisting his gorgeous roommate who's becoming one of his best friends is harder than he thinks.

We finally have Elliot's book! If he seems familiar, it's because he's the roommate of Oz and Zeke, the first two heroes of the franchise. Since reading those book, I got to know Elliot as the non-douchebag, non-jock friend; reliable, studious, and good. So it wasn't a surprise that I'd like him, and that Anabelle would like him instantly.

He has a laser-sharp focus on his goal to get into a good grad school, but still knows how to have fun and meet up with friends. Anabelle is great, if not a little too nice and trusting at one point. She works hard, is genuinely sweet and caring, and can give as good as they get. I think she has a great character growth in this book once the story comes to the plot twist.

She handled it well, but it was still an accurate depiction of how one would feel and act if they go through what she does. It highlighted her strength as a person. Sara Ney's witty writing style is here, along with the tension and fantastic steamy scenes that never fail to make me blush. The Coaching Hours had two endearing and likable characters with great rapport and heartwarming friendship between them, all with the sexual tension brewing slowly but steadily to a boiling point.

The progression of Elliot and Anabelle's relationship was wonderful. Just the right amount of slow burn for their story. And I just have to say this since I know you know how much I hated one of the secondary characters in the series, but he kind of grew on me when he became less of a douchebag, and there was a moment he was redeemed. I can't believe I'm saying this now, but I'm kind of interested to read about him.

If you're looking for a fun college sports romance with characters you'll love to hate, then give How to Date a Douchebag a try. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram View all 9 comments. This final installment in the Douchebag series was the complete antithesis of why I was originally hooked on it. There are no douchebags, no cocky jock hero, no hate lust, no enemies to lovers vibes. But what it did have was a swoony, slow burn friend to lovers story that was full of sizzle and smiles.


Dating a douchebag roomie download

There are no jocks to be found in this book. Well, not the main character anyway. But there is the coach's daughter, her friendship with a guy that she didn't see coming, and the development of their relationship from something sweet to something with a lot more sizzle. I love a good friends to lovers trope, and this one delivered in spades. The progression of the relationship in this book was what really made it for me. It was just so perfectly paced. I loved getting a nice guy for once, though that's not to say he was without his own brand of issues.

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  • And while the book took a turn into a particular plot device that I'm not typically a fan of, it totally worked for me here. I also loved a particular secondary character that gets redeemed in this story. This served as the perfect icing on the cake. This story was cute and swoony, and definitely hit the spot just right.

    There's a reason this author went straight to my auto-buy list from the very first book in this series; her versatility to deliver amazing characters that stand out in their own right is just a small part of it. I'm sad to see this series come to an end, but I can't wait to see what Sara Ney has in store for her readers next. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on: View all 8 comments.

    Everything with Elliot and me was left unfulfilled. I finally had to see what all the fuss was about for myself. There has been so much love for this series that my curiosity was piqued! Leave it to me to join the party late. I was able to follow the storyline easily even though there was mention of other characters from the previous books.

    That being said, this can be read as a standalone. Charles made this book one heck of a sweet, sexy enjoyable read! Ana is desperate to find affordable housing near campus. After making a complete fool of herself by getting drunk at a frat party, a perfect opportunity practically falls into her lap.

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    Elliot was at the party and saw that she needed rescuing and brings her back to his apartment to sleep it off. Their friendship only seems to strengthen from that point and soon they become roommates when she moves into his spare room. From the moment they first met both Elliot and Ana secretly felt an attraction. Elliot was ever the perfect gentleman and incredibly sweet.

    His inability to read the situation that was building between Ana and him made him extremely endearing. The anticipation for things to heat up between the couple almost made me lose my mind!! Just wait for the Back Massage scene!! Once things start to heat up for the couple, there is no quelling their insatiable desires.

    Elliot has had plans set in motion for some time which were in place before Ana became a part of his life. Will she be able to move on from Elliot? Can Elliot easily forget the woman who has somehow managed to claim a piece of his heart? Here are my overall ratings on the book: Get ready for some steamy good times as well!!