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How Matchmaking Works
  1. How does it work?
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  3. Why is there scout matchmaking?

This algorithm creates more even team composition overall.

What’s Changing with 9.19.1

Thanks to the platoon changes in Update 9. The only way to fail platoon now is by platooning a Premium tank with preferential matchmaking with tanks that do not have preferential matchmaking.

How does it work?

This too will become a much more rare occurance, as future tanks will no longer have this special matchmaking. So, if you happen to platoon with someone while using a vehicle that originally had unique matchmaking, make sure your platoonmate uses a tank of the same tier with the same unique matchmaking as well to prevent fail platooning.

Additionally, Light tanks no longer receive scout matchmaking as they did before. Due to the addition of new Tier 10 Light tanks , scout matchmaking is no longer needed. Ninja'd twice by posting the question below. Thanks for posting this up Max! So the Cromwell Snakebite still cant be top tier?

What about the M41B Brazilian Bulldog, will that ever be top tier? Beta 9 Posted 06 December - It's on the chart for unique matchmaking to view what it has. RuefulCenturion 10 Posted 06 December - Nice T light buffs. Metalrodent 11 Posted 06 December - I see the AMX Chaffee is now the one remaining tank for unis to show off their light tank skills.


Tier 4 scout matchmaking - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

Rarefication 12 Posted 06 December - What tier does the AwPanther see? I am seeing lots of mentions of other tanks but I haven't seen anyone mention the aPanther. It would be a nice thing for it to be top tier now. Thanks for the info, although It is not as clearly presented as it could be.

Why is there scout matchmaking?

Moshpit 15 Posted 06 December - Destraag 17 Posted 06 December - Started by xCanonfodder , Feb 09 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. So this frustration leads me to the question, why? Why is scout matchmaking a thing? Edited by corran2, 09 February - JaggedSine6 5 Posted 09 February - But then there are people that seem to make the French line work well. We don't need no stinking stats. Wroclaw 7 Posted 09 February - I do understand these things, but it doesn't really explain why it's in the game in the first place. BoereJack 8 Posted 09 February - ArtyHarHar 10 Posted 09 February - A light tank with no crew skills are handicapped like no other class.

But fully upgrade that bad little tank and get a crew with a lot of skills then it has no fear of tier VIIIs in open maps; in fact you will look forward to it. You have to learn it the hard way, it is unique. I've only just started light tanking.

I've stuck with my chaffee for 70 games now to try and learn the ways of the light tanks. Basically watch vids, which maps to be active and which to be relatively passive on. HeavyKaragh 12 Posted 09 February - ArtyHarHar 13 Posted 09 February - When new tier 10 light tanks are released, I expect they get regular matchmaking. HeavyKaragh 14 Posted 09 February - What they have show of the tier 9 on PC seems right: DecliningSmile 15 Posted 13 February -